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What is Rooftop Development?


It’s no secret that the UK has faced housing shortages for quite some time. It has become such a crucial problem that the Mayor’s office released a statement requiring 66,000 homes to be built in London every year. 

While that might sound like a positive thing, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Building that many new homes takes time, resources, and valuable land. While it is certainly possible, it can have a damaging effect on the environment, natural resources, and workers that are stretched too thin. 

What’s the solution? At BRAC Developments, we believe rooftop development is the best way to solve the housing crisis and create new, unique opportunities for people to live in the UK.

How Does Rooftop Development Work? 

The concept of rooftop development (also known as airspace development) is fairly simple. It involves utilising the space above an existing property to build new homes. It allows properties to reach their full potential and can provide thousands of homes for those who need them most. 

Rooftop development does much more than just adding more housing. If you take a look around London, you’ll see multiple buildings that are in need of repair and renovation. Partnering with BRAC, those buildings can be turned into something valuable and practical with rooftop housing. The owner(s) of those properties also gain the advantage; increasing their cash flow with the new properties after investing in the building itself. 

Keep in mind that not every property is suitable for rooftop development. 

At BRAC, we will look at the structure and strength of the property, as well as whether or not it meets current building regulation standards. Simply put, it has to be stable enough to be able to hold new houses on top. Every building in the UK is different, so there is no “streamlined” process to airspace development. Instead, it’s important that each property be properly evaluated to make sure it’s the right fit for new development.

What to Expect From BRAC

BRAC Developments was founded over 12 years ago. We pride ourselves on being specialists in urban regeneration projects. We will provide 100% of the funding for the works. In addition, we are happy to work through all planning options and studies, as well as engaging a structural engineer and architect to ensure the building is safe to build upon. 

By the time the project is complete, both parties will share proceeds following the sale and cost realisation. 

Did you know that over 41,000 new homes could be built on the roofs of London alone? If you have a property that you think is a good fit, don’t hesitate to contact BRAC Developments today. Our experienced team will be happy to work with you to determine the best route for your building. Together, we can put an end to the housing shortage in London, and provide unique and beautiful homes for people all across the country in a way that most people have never experienced before. So many people could benefit from rooftop developments, so why not get started with your property today?