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The Changing Rooftop Landscape


Space is at a premium in busy towns and cities but there is one type of environment that’s underutilised: airspace. Savvy property owners are realising that their rooftops offer endless opportunities to increase the square footage of their property, boost its value and maximise the availability of outdoor space.

What Is Rooftop Living?

As city dwellers have yearned for more open space, they’ve turned to their rooftops to create glorious gardens and outdoor idylls. Rooftop living takes this concept further and uses the rooftop as the base for permanent living accommodation, such as penthouses and apartments.

By developing a penthouse above existing accommodation, you can use your rooftop to realise the true value of a property, both in terms of its functionality and its value. By incorporating a rooftop garden into the development, residents can benefit from a stylish outdoor oasis and luxury accommodation in any town or city.

With panoramic views, contemporary styling and maximum space, it’s easy to see why rooftop living is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, the benefits associated with rooftop living mean that many people are actively seeking out these types of properties.

Using Airspace for Property Development

Traditional property development focuses on finding a suitable site, completing groundworks and building upwards. When using airspace for a new development, the existing structure is enhanced and used as a foundation to create a new rooftop living space.

This approach enables property owners to utilise airspace in a way that maximises value, but it also reduces the amount of work that needs to be undertaken throughout a development. Once exploratory planning options have been finalised and feasibility studies completed, penthouses and rooftop apartments can be constructed relatively quickly, which equates to a fast turnaround for property owners and developers.

How to Use Airspace Developments

Transforming your rooftop into a useable living space can add a significant amount of value to the property. In commercially owned developments, new rooftop apartments and penthouses can be rented to tenants or sold via leasehold, for example.

Similarly, private residences can choose to sell or rent the newly created living space on their roof or use it for their own enjoyment. If you want to create more space for a growing family or providing private living quarters to adult children, for example, a rooftop apartment could be the ideal way to maximise your property.

Finding the Right Development Partners

As you might expect, finding the right development partners is critical to the success of the project. From the design and building specifications to the project management and final inspections, every aspect of the development requires expertise and experience.

At BRAC Developments, we specialise in rooftop living and airspace developments, which ensures we are perfectly placed to provide the assistance and support you need throughout every stage of the process. What’s more – our 100% funding option makes it easy for property owners to maximise value.

To learn more or to plan an airspace development today, contact our talented team on 01268 573933.