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If you’re looking to develop your roof you will need a lot of information to make an informed decision. Here are the answers to 6 of the most common questions:

1: What is ‘air property’?

A: Air property can simply be described as the empty square footage that sits above your home or garden. Air property is the remainder of your home’s area that isn’t already ‘filled’ with your house, therefore meaning the space itself is just air but has the potential in the future to be converted into living accommodation. Making use of air property above your home or block of flats through roof development can add considerable value, and it’s a great choice for those with little scope to extend living accommodation in any other way.

2: What are ‘air rights’?

A: These are rights to control and develop the unused air space above property. They refer to the ownership or occupancy of a certain area, enabling the owner of such space to make decisions regarding what they do with their land. This means a plot owner with air rights is able to build above their property as they have ‘air rights’ that allow them to build upwards. 

3: Do I own the air rights above my property? 

A: As the act of selling air rights is relatively new, English laws regarding who owns air rights can often be open to interpretation. However, it’s likely that you as the property owner will have ownership of the air rights above your property if you are the freeholder. Likewise, this also applies to properties such as apartment blocks as it’s common for each apartment to be owned by shareholders of the freehold who collectively are the holding company of the freehold.

4: If I don’t own the airs rights above my property, then who does? 

A: A freeholder has the right to utilise air space above a property even if they are not the full-time tenant. You should always seek more information regarding who owns the air rights for your property before you decide to undertake any building work.

5: Who has a legal right to build on the property? 

A: The freeholder has a legal right to build on a property, but only if they agree plans with current occupants beforehand. A freeholder may face legal action if this step is ignored, so you must always consult with residents before deciding to embark upon such a project.

6: How can BRAC Developments help me with my decision to develop my roof? 

A: We will offer a free, no obligation assessment to evaluate the potential of your property and explain every option available for your needs. Our experienced developers know how to add space, and potential value, to any property. You’ll be able to maintain ultimate peace of mind knowing your roof development will be completed to the very best standard. 

BRAC Developments can help you to release the biggest asset you have right now.

We realise the potential of your building’s roof space and specialise in the redevelopment of flat roofs above existing residential and commercial buildings.

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