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Light Gauge Steel Frames – The Modern Method of Construction


The magnificent roof top development at Tait House is slowly taking shape and the steel frame has gone up on the initial phase of this project.

The design and manufacturing of the steel frame was carried out by New Ways Ltd and was supplied to BRAC Developments in just 4 weeks! This is our first Airspace project partnered with New Ways Ltd it has been great to work with them right from the design stage, so we benefitted from their expertise and knowledge of this building material.

This innovative modern method of construction is changing the face of construction generally in the UK. Very often the traditional methods of building are slow, less efficient and can harm the environment.

The light gauge steel frames are produced using recycled materials. They are designed for longevity – more than 200 years. At the end of its life, 80% of the building will be recyclable.

Reasons why we partnered with New Ways Ltd:

  • Cut costs on design and build
  • Steel frames are quality assured and have high performance
  • Innovative
  • Significant reduction of impact on environment
  • Versatile – the steel frames can be used in most buildings: houses, flats, hotels, leisure centres and more.
  • New Ways work onsite with a ‘portable factory’, so construction is faster
  • Construction is not weather dependent so there are no bad weather delays
  • Warrantied
  • Less waste
  • Core material sourced from Liberty Steel – the world’s first carbon neutral steel company.

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