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It’s All About Professional Planning and Skills!


BRAC Developments are all about unleashing the untapped revenue opportunity of your flat roof. It could be the biggest asset you have!

We go about this by developing the roof space above your property to turn it into a highly profitable space. By building upwards you can provide additional housing or office units to sell or rent out. What’s more it’s a viable proposition for both residential and commercial properties.

The end to end service we provide includes:

  • A free, no obligation, assessment of the potential of your property
  • Liaison with planners to provide hassle-free planning application
  • While the roof is being developed, we bring the rest of the building in line with it, adding value by updating the entire building. This can include, refurbishment of communal areas such as entrance halls and upgrading the external façade
  • We work in partnership with our architects, surveyors and clients to deliver maximum returns with minimal impact on the existing building.

We work closely with our sister company BRAC Contracts who specialise in small scale fit-out and renovation properties to large scale government funded projects. Here’s a great example of how the BRAC team get things done. We have been working on a 2-storey extension on behalf of DTZ Investors.

Based in The Lanes, Brighton it’s in a very narrow spot so planning and council communication have been key in our handling of the job. With just 2 feet of clearance on either side of the road and a lift of 150 tonne of steel, this could have been a logistical nightmare. Not with BRAC, all you need is the professional planning and skills of the BRAC team to deliver. Watch the video below!

Watch video

The BRAC team consisting of BRAC Contracts and BRAC Developments are specialists in construction and roof space development. We have been selected by clients looking for a company offering a personal service but equally able to competitively handle large scale projects. As the Brighton project shows we work flexibly and are always responsive to any challenges that may crop up. We strongly believe that building solid relationships with our clients, contractors and suppliers is key to a successful end result, plus we work closely to agreed timescales and agreed budgets.

So, why not let BRAC Developments help you to release the biggest asset you have right now. Get in touch today to discuss your project. Why not call us on 01268 573933 or send a message to Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.