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How Roof Development Could Revive The High Street


The high street isn’t dying; in fact, it’s on its way to evolving and becoming even more unique and successful. All it requires is business owners to see the potential of building upward and being able to receive a return on the investment.

There are a few ways how roof development could revive the high street and make the area full of hustle, bustle, and people once again. Many retailers are cashing in on the revenue of their roofs and can see the potential this space offers. There’s no better time than now to get on board and discover why this may be an excellent next move for you.

Benefits of Airspace

There’s plenty of unused space above residential, commercial, and public buildings that are full of untapped potential. Property owners must recognise this reality and see it as an opportunity to revive the high street and make a profit. You’ll be helping out the community and witnessing your business doing better when you utilise your roof space by building upward. The benefit of airspace is that there will be more foot traffic in the area, and people will begin to visit and spend time shopping, working, and socialising along the high street.  

The Possibilities

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using your building’s roof space. For example, you can add housing, office space, or create a socialising and leisure offering for people to mix and mingle. Imagine being able to present your customers with a view of the skyline as they indulge in food and drinks or play crazy golf. Take a look at what your needs are and what you believe would get the most use before deciding on which direction you want to head with your roof development. Get creative and think about what type of clientele you want to attract to your building and the area.    

Taking A Sensible Approach

Building upward doesn’t mean that the high street is going to turn into an area filled with overbearing skyscrapers. These additional structures will blend right in and be helping to draw more attention and traffic to streets that may currently be losing business and becoming more desolate. Be wise and choose to use your roof development project for practical and necessary spaces that customers want to use. It’s all about creating unique experiences for your visitors and acknowledging how valuable a move this can be for you as a property owner.


These are a few important reasons why you should be considering using roof development to revive the high street. It’s a wise choice not only for your business but also for the surrounding communities and residents. If you’re hesitant or on the fence, then reach out and discuss this possibility with property owners who’ve already transformed their roof space. You’re likely to hear they’re experiencing an uptick in business and receiving a return on their investment. Take advantage of this unused space and be proud of yourself for contributing to the possibility of restoring and renewing the high street. To view BRAC Developments’ existing portfolio click here.

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