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How do I know if my Property is suitable for Roof Development?


Every property owner wants to maximise the value of its residential land. When a property owner is looking to extend its property or make considerable adjustments, the roof is an oversight that could yield significant results. It is an untapped area for potential, and if a property owner is looking to develop its air space, with the relaxed planning restrictions it could be even easier.

But there are concerns that every individual needs to be aware of. Roof space development is certainly a way to yield significant profit, either as a landlord or to make the most of resale value by expanding the property, but what do you need to be aware of?

Construction Considerations

Every development is different. But the first logical step is to consider the suitability of the building. The loading capacity is the most important consideration. When building onto an existing structure, it is unlikely that it was originally built without any loading capacity in mind.

Overall, the building’s maximum capacity to take extra loading will depend on the structure. It is important at this early stage to conduct an appraisal to identify the structural capability and determine the access requirements and establish its overall fire protection capabilities. The latter is significantly important in light of the Grenfell tragedy. It’s also important to consider construction methods and overall maintenance, acoustics, and even how it can incorporate provisional services, such as the internet/telephone lines.

The Infrastructure 

Making any significant alterations to an existing building requires significant planning upfront. It is essential to not compromise the building’s overall integrity, but the infrastructure also needs to be intact. This is where we have to consider aspects such as utility. When a capacity check is undertaken, this will assess the impact to develop a workable solution. When we consider something as important as drainage it is possible to extend existing services to reduce the cost. But when designing additional layouts and connections to a building that already houses significant utilities, such as plumbing, drainage, and elevators, it can result in excessive costs if the planning was not put in place at the outset.

It is important when working with a developer to understand the capacity for the building capabilities in terms of its services. While it is possible to extend a property for roof space development, it is crucial to consider these two key components. When you assess the building’s suitability for air space development, it’s not just the aesthetics that you need to consider. The suitability of the property is crucial. Choosing a contractor that doesn’t work through the development efficiently by going through the right channels can compromise the building’s integrity and make it potentially uninhabitable. But this is where BRAC Developments can help.

BRAC Developments undertake all relevant exploratory planning options and feasibility studies and engage a structural engineer and architect for a feasibility study. BRAC Developments provide an end-to-end service of your roof space’s redevelopment, releasing the full potential of your residential or commercial property with minimum impact and disruption to the existing building.

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