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How Airspace Development can Improve the Entire Property


If there is one thing that is becoming more popular, it’s developing the airspace above property. Thankfully, with BRAC Developments, you can find experts that can show you how the housing market can be improved with airspace development for new homes and offices.

In built-up areas, creativity is a must when it comes to extending the home. The actual air above existing buildings can be bought up, built up, and then sold for a profit. It’s said to be the future of fixing the shortage in the housing market. Many people can’t imagine building upward when they think about extending and improving their homes, but this niche way to buy untapped airspace could change the property development game.

Using an expensive piece of land is easy enough: people choose to extend the house with conservatories or garden rooms. Or they build downwards to create a basement or cellar for the property – with the right permission, of course. However, many don’t think to buy the airspace and sell that space when it comes to roof space. Exciting development projects are happening across the country. There are city airspace development projects being churned out to help to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of new homes. There are usually minimum lead times but a maximum value on offer for property owners, and that makes buying airspace so much simpler.

Why Develop Airspace?

There are so many reasons that people should consider developing the airspace for new homes because it could also improve the infrastructure of the property too. Some of these include:

Improving the Existing Building

Improving external walls is important, not just for the building’s value but for the safety of the people inside. Developing the roof space can help to improve the integrity of existing exterior walls and make them stronger.

Improvements to Communal Doors & Windows

You can improve the communal doors and windows with the development of the airspace around your property. You can make the building more secure, too, which will go a long way to adding value.

Improvements to Electrical & Fire Systems

Helping the building to be a safer place to be in.

Landscaping Improvements

Improvements to the building’s landscaping and exterior look, which adds to its kerb appeal. The better it looks the more value can be added.

Currently, existing residents are benefitting from improving surroundings, better property values, and the possibility of enjoying reduced service charges. With more apartments sharing the costs of renovations and upgrades, the service charges decrease massively. This then makes an apartment building more appealing to those looking to purchase.


BRAC Developments can help you to release the biggest asset you have right now.

We realise the potential of your building’s roof space and specialise in the redevelopment of flat roofs above existing residential and commercial buildings.

Get in touch today and our team will happily talk you through how your roof can give you untapped revenue. Why not call us on 01268 573933 or send a message to Further information about our full service range can be found on our website. Improve your property and add value with BRAC Developments.