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Government plans for the future to get Britain building


In March 2020, the UK Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, MP, set out proposals designed to “help bring Britain’s planning system into the 21st century.”

Here are a few of the relevant summaries and highlights from the announcement that might be of particular interest

A housing-led development of the High Street

Traditionally, high streets have been primarily associated with businesses and public services of various sorts. As part of the new government initiative, however, redevelopment of the high street is set to be “housing-led,” and will involve building upwards, above, and around stations.

As part of this, developers will be empowered to demolish vacant commercial, industrial and residential buildings, in order to replace them with well-designed new homes, without being subject to lengthy planning processes.

£400 million has already been committed to a government register of brownfield sites focused on identifying suitable unused land.

Better logistics and infrastructure

It has been announced that all local authorities will be legally required to have up-to-date Local Plans in place by December 2023, or else will be subject to government intervention.

This is accompanied by a further £1 billion commitment of funds made available to unlock 70,000 new homes, in addition to the creation of a new £10 billion Single Housing Infrastructure Fund, designed to ensure that communities, local authorities, and developers have access to the necessary infrastructure resources going forward.

An investment in healthy communities with a sense of place

On the subject of communities, Housing Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP is quoted as saying:

“I want everyone, no matter where they live, to have access to affordable, safe, quality housing and live in communities with a real sense of place – as part of our mission to level up, unite and unleash the potential of this country.”

Rather than simply serving as a utilitarian strategy to churn out more residential buildings  in and of themselves,”good design” and “place-making” are set to be at the heart of the government’s new system, where tree-lined streets, lower carbon emissions in all new homes, and a “fast track for beauty” are intended to pave the way for a green revolution in housebuilding.

On that note, parish councils and neighbourhood forums will receive more help in enabling them to build a small number of homes, in order for their communities to better grow.

More detail on the new laws to extend homes upwards has recently been updated by the Government. This is great news to property owners wanting to unlock the full potential of their building and release its full value.

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