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Enhance Life with Rooftop Living


Getting a suitable home in a city can be tricky, and while there are several options, each has its cons and pros. For someone looking for comfort and space, a penthouse can be the ideal choice. Why are many people choosing to live on the topmost floor of an apartment?

  • More Luxury
  • Increases Space
  • Fresher Air
  • Privacy
  • Freedom

More Space

Penthouses tend to be more spacious, and in most cases, it’s the most extensive living space in a building. If you have a family and are concerned about space, the penthouse makes an ideal choice. 

With enough space, you can customise your home to meet your needs and style and make sure your family is comfortable.

Your children will also have more space to play plus there is so much you can do with the ample space, such as buy bigger and beautiful furniture along with frequent hosting of guests. 

Living on the top floor comes with the advantage of having a private rooftop terrace where you can privately admire the city life and entertain guests in a spacious outdoor area or enjoy the evening ambience with your family.

More Natural Light

Apart from having an unobstructed view of the city, enabling you to capture breathtaking views anytime you want, you also get abundant natural light. Your home will be warmer and brighter, improving the general standard of living. You also enjoy more fresh air during the day and night. 

You are less likely to have mould issues because even when sunshine is limited, your house still gets the most of it. Pest problems are also less prevalent on the rooftops than on the ground floors of buildings. 

Because you’ll have more natural light, a penthouse is energy-efficient. You don’t have to use electricity to light your house during the day and because it’s generally warmer than other parts of the building your heating costs also go down.

More Privacy

If you like keeping to yourself, a penthouse is an ideal living space in a building. You don’t have to share space and essential amenities with other building occupants, and you just be private on the terrace.

Usually, there’s only one penthouse in a building, meaning that you have total privacy. However, some buildings have more than one. Either way, you the penthouse occupants would usually have exclusive access to the lift, sometimes with a unique key or code to enable you to reach the topmost floor. It’s also quieter and cleaner because of less traffic.

It’s a Symbol of Style and Elegance

Living in a penthouse is a symbol of luxury and style. Usually offering a wow factor when you entertain guests, you will be the envy of many!

Transform Your Life

Living in a penthouse improves your living standard. You’ll be more relaxed, comfortable and can enjoy more freedom doing the things you love without inconveniencing other building occupants. The penthouse can also be safer than other parts of the building because of the limited access.

Let BRAC Developments help you to release the biggest asset you have right now.

We realise the potential of your building’s roof space and specialise in the redevelopment of flat roofs above existing residential and commercial buildings to create stunning living or office space.

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