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Can Rooftop Development ease the Housing Crisis?


As we’re sure that you are aware, there is currently a severe housing crisis in the UK and this has been the case for some time now. However, the problem is especially bad in major cities such as London due to the lack of room for new buildings. It’s for this reason that concepts such as rooftop development are becoming more and more popular. In this article, we’re going to be looking at this specific concept, and how it might be able to help ease the housing crisis.

What Is Rooftop Development?

Rooftop development is a concept that works on building new residential dwellings in airspace. Airspace is the right of a private landowner to the space above his land and the structures on it. This means that landowners are able to allow developers to build residential areas on the rooftop of their existing building. This means that there will be more residential areas built in the city, without having to find new space for them to go on. The development of land is currently a huge issue in the UK, so this is an option that cuts out the harsh environmental factor.

You will also find that rooftop development is a more sustainable approach than building directly on the ground. You are preserving buildings that are already there, and supplying new residential areas to those who need them. 

Why Has It Not Happened Before?

We mentioned that this is not a new concept, and if this is the case then you may be wondering why it hasn’t seen much media attention before now. The answer is that the government has only just relaxed the rules in the last couple of years. As such, before this changed there was a lot of red tape that businesses needed to cut through in order to get planning permission for this. Thanks to the relaxation of this, this has become far less of a problem.

While it’s still not as popular as it should be, rooftop development is thought to become one of the most popular solutions going forward. 

How Can BRAC Developments Help?

BRAC Developments specialise in rooftop development, creating bespoke and beautiful designs on rooftops for people to live in. Companies like this work hard to ensure that there is space for everyone to live, even in the busiest areas of the UK. As such, these kinds of developments could be a fantastic solution to the current housing crisis that is sweeping the UK. While it might not be the fix-all solution that people are hoping for, it’s still a fantastic option that has the potential to change the tides in the right direction sooner rather than later.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the ways that rooftop development may be able to ease the current housing crisis in cities such as London. It’s certainly something for companies and landowners to think about, as it could have huge positive impacts. 

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