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BRAC Developments employ Fire Safety Consultant


The tragedy at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 clearly demonstrates that getting the wrong cladding system in place can be catastrophic.

Over the last few years, cladding has been scrutinised and has topped the list of technical issues raised on commercial and residential property transactions. Not only is there a fire and life safety implication, but these issues can curtail property transactions and also have an effect on liquidating assets.

Prudent Consideration

A fire can have a huge impact on a business. Along with the fact that it may no longer be able to trade in part, in full or at all in the future will have a huge impact on a business’ reputation, potentially its share price and ultimately its survival. It is always prudent to think about the consequences. It is for this reason we believe specialist fire engineering can add tremendous value as part of reviewing existing properties and designing any new ones.

Significant technical challenge

When it comes to fire safety and cladding, we believe it is one of the most significant technical challenges now faced by building contractors. It is considered equal to the dangers  of asbestos.

Advice notes have been published by the Government which give industry guidance, safety interventions and suggests other measures such as smoke ventilation and inflammable insulation. It’s imperative that surveyors are aware of this and keep themselves informed of updates particularly if the Health and Safety Executive were ever to become involved in any future safety issue.  

Variety of Components make a system

Where there have been developments in technology, design trend changes and the constant need to keep budgets tight, it can result in the use of a variety of materials which are manufactured by different companies. In these cases, the collective result must be considered to be a system and must be inspected as one for fire safety. Once component may be considered to be fire resistant but when placed with other components the safety of the property could be compromised which could lead to a potential catastrophe.

RICS Fire Safety Guide

In September 2019 the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors published a fire safety guide to ensure that the public were aware of their responsibilities. Whether they be landlords or tenants, it was intended to help them keep their properties safe. It offers basic guidance and clear advice to ensure a good understanding of good fire safety practices.

Specialist Fire Consultant

BRAC Developments want to ensure their systems are safe so we have employed the services of a Specialist Fire Consultant. It’s true to say that even when systems are compliant, they could still be deemed not to be sound so this added layer of expertise will offer additional safety compliance and reassurance.

We believe that the experience and specialist knowledge our Specialist Fire Consultant brings to a project will contribute greatly to ensuring any work carried out by BRAC Developments will be well within current fire safety guidelines.

So, as we realise the potential of your building’s roof space you can be sure it will have been fire safety checked and built to the high standards of building compliance. BRAC Developments specialise in the redevelopment of flat roofs above existing residential and commercial buildings.

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