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An Impressive Roof Development for Tait House


Tait House, in Ward Road London, N19 is being transformed into a four storey residential building with the addition of a stunning rooftop development by BRAC Developments.

What makes this building ideal for airspace development?

The original building is an unlisted 4 storey residential block and not within a conservation area. It sits lower than its neighbours as it has a lower ground floor semi recessed into the site, so the addition of the 4th storey does not impact on the street scene. It is also currently flat roofed, so all these aspects make it ideal for an upward extension.

Airspace Development in more detail

Working with Architects Ackroyd Lowrie, BRAC Developments are creating a high quality residential extension of one storey containing three 2 bedroom self-contained flats each with a private amenity space.

Additional Amenities

BRAC Developments will also building a covered and secure cycle storage shelter for 6 bikes on the ground floor. This will meet the requirement of Islington Council which expects all new developments to be ‘car free’ with the exception of parking for disabled drivers.

A waste storage area will also be provided adjacent to the proposed external lift which will give access to the new units.

To complement the existing building and add a contemporary look, BRAC Developments will use high quality zinc cladding and grey aluminium windows.

Key considerations for Tait House rooftop development

Several considerations have been taken into account for this project in order for it to remain in keeping with the current building and its neighbours as well as minimising disruption to current tenants. These are:

  • To continue the line of street scene
  • Use of 2-Frame views to avoid overlooking and to give best outlook
  • Use of offsite modular construction to minimise disruption to existing tenants and neighbours
  • Provision of an amenity area for all new units
  • Creation of a design which harmonises with the existing building and improves the overall look

As a premiere project it is particularly exciting for BRAC Developments who are well placed to meet the demands and challenges of this airspace development. Watch this space for updates as the project is completed.

How BRAC Developments can help you

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