BRAC Developments - Specialist In Roof Top Developments

Helping London build new accommodation on existing rooftops

Release the biggest asset you have right now with BRAC Developments. Talk to us today to discover more about the untapped revenue opportunity your roof can give you.


Realise the potential of your building’s roof space. BRAC Developments specialise in the redevelopment of flat roofs above existing residential and commercial buildings.

“As many as 41,000 homes could be built on London’s roofs”*

How it works 

  • JV formed split between the two parties
  • BRAC will provide 100% funding for the works
  • BRAC will undertake all relevant exploratory planning options and feasibility studies
  • BRAC to engage structural engineer and architect for feasibility study
  • Both parties to share proceeds following sale and cost realisation

By utilising the space above your property, you can unlock the full value of your building and reap the rewards financially. BRAC Developments will enable you to release the equity tied up in your building by developing the highly profitable space that is your roof.

With the UK’s housing shortage reaching critical levels, particularly in London, planners are urging property owners to build upwards to reach the ever-growing property demand. As supported by the Mayor of London, the initiative is viable for residential or commercial properties.

BRAC Developments provide an end-to-end service of the redevelopment of your roof space, releasing the full potential of your property with minimum impact and disruption on the existing building.

Why choose BRAC Developments?

BRAC Developments are the specialists in urban regeneration projects

Founded over 12 years ago, with a proven track record in project delivery

Bridging the gap between personal service and large-scale delivery

In-house and experienced end-to-end project team